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"Finally…A Kansas City, KS computer repair and service company that understands my busy schedule and works to satisfy it."

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Dear friend,

How much is it worth to you not to go through the uncomfortable, time-consuming and nerve-racking activity of bringing your computer to a Kansas City computer repair shop?

Let's suppose you could email or call someone in Kansas City who could fix or upgrade your PC without you leaving home or taking off from work to get it serviced.

Think about it. A lot of your precious resources are squandered with that proposition: time, gas and road aggravation to name a few.

Did you know that all computer repair technicians are not alike?

     Yes, it’s true. Some computer technicians only understand the hardware side of a computer. While others, who are more highly skilled understand both the hardware and the software of the computer which gives you more options on how your computer can be fixed. Thus saving you hours of headaches with software reinstallation and configuration not to mention data loss. Called the “wipe-out” method.

      Are you having problems with your computer? Are you having nagging, recurring and debilitating problems that prevent you from getting your work done comfortably? If so, you should hire a computer technician that is skilled in both hardware and software especially in virus, trojan and spyware removal not to mention operating system error correction.

     Why? The answer is simple. 

     You see, a technician with these skills can fix your computer usually on the first visit and save you loads of time plus protect you from 95% of the drudgery you would have to do from the work left behind by a “wipe-out” technician. 
      I don’t have to tell you about the irritation, confusion, frustration and waste that comes with painstakingly disconnecting each and every power cable, network cable and USB peripheral. True?

     Speaking of visit, did you know that you can have a technician of this caliber come to your home or small office and work on your computer? 

     By calling the right computer technician, you just dropped your work-load from a painful 3 to 5 hours down to a 3 minute breeze! 

     Finally, you haul your computer to a store only to find out that after you did all of that work, the computer doesn’t work correctly because you couldn’t test it with your configuration at home! 

The kind of technician you need can be found in Kansas City.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that they are hard to find. There are next to no advertisements for this kind of computer specialist. 

Until Now...

Hi, my name is Olan Butler and I am the Kansas City computer repair & service provider for BHO Technologists. To let you know a little about my background, for more than a decade, I have been building, repairing, upgrading and programming computer systems. I have worked for companies such as IBM-Informix, SBC-Southwestern Bell, GE, Sprint, Litton and others. I have managed complex systems, developed enterprise software, and performed troubleshooting exercises on a number of mission-critical systems. For the past three years I have been running the Kansas City computer repair & service-side of BHO Technologists. Here are a few comments made by my clients:

This letter is to document the outstanding contributions of Mr. Olan Butler in providing assistance to the Women's Bureau in implementing the Girls E-Mentoring in Science Engineering and Technology (GEMSET) project with the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Youth Department in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Mr. Butler utilized his technology expertise in building a computer network whereby the girls involved in the E-Mentoring project could access/utilize computers at the Church's learning center to interact with mentors, via email, from all across the country. He set up the computers at the learning center, arranged the communications protocol, assigned passwords, set up the accounts and installed the switching equipment. In addition, he served as the on-site technical advisor and was the expert on call for computer repairs and problem solving. I can say unequivocally that because of Mr. Butler's dedication and service, the project was successfully launched and the computer learning center is still being well-utilized.

I was pleased to be in attendance at the church on October 19, 2003 when they gave special thanks to Mr. Butler for his outstanding support of the GEMSET project. His knowledge of computers was integral to the success of the project and we cannot thank him enough.

Please contact me at 816-426-6108 if I can provide any additional information as further testament to the outstanding performance of Mr. Butler.

Dorothy Witherspoon 
Program Development Specialist 
Women's Bureau, Region VII
Kansas City, MO

Olan Butler has effectively & efficiently resolved problems with my computer on two separate occasions. He is diligent & timely in his work. It's evident that he loves what he does & enjoys helping people resolve some really frustrating issues in this high tech field."

Nan Gerike,
Reece And Nichols Realtors
Olathe, KS


I highly recommend Olan for your computer repairs.  He was very efficient and knowledgeable.

I would have spent hours on the phone with "tech" people to try to figure out what the problems were and Olan knew right away and took care of it. 

I will always call him for any future work.



Paula Logan
Leawood, KS


Dear O'Lan,

Thank you for saving me so much aggravation with my computer problems..Being a dinosaur in this world of fast technology it's great to have you around who speaks my language in overcoming my computer..

I no longer have to worry or fret or even pull out my hair when I have internet problems, when I tinker where I shouldn't be and my computer won't start up (sorry I won't mess with those buttons again). So, now I know to leave programs and stuff like dll, exe alone.

Your help and expertise in helping me is apprecitive...It's great knowing I have a Computer/Software/Programmer /Doctor to fix all my ailments.


Ophelia Micheletti
Hire Me Secretarial Services
Danville, CA


Our computer had "died" and I suspected a bad power supply. You came out prepared with a power supply, and went out of your way to search for one that would work when you found out ours was proprietary.

I thought it was very timely and convenient for us that you took the computer will you to install the new generic case, and set the computer up for future memory and video upgrades and easier access to USB ports.

Ken and I both liked your consultative approach, and in fact have asked you back to install an additional 16Mb of memory. I thought your pricing was fair, and you were very cognizant of cost impact to us as you went through the trouble-shooting process.

We liked your flexibility, and how nice you were to our kids when they pestered you.

I'd recommend you to anybody, and have already been telling my friends about the great experience we had.

Laura Kleekamp
Olathe, KS
I found BHO Technologists while searching for a computer repair company via Google. I emailed them describing my issue with our home computer and within 24 hours I received a response.

They were able to come to our home that week and had us back up and running. When I had
received my upgrade software from Microsoft, I had to again call BHO (nothing to do with the first appt) and they were again very responsive, professional and were able to fix the upgrade issues. I wouldn't hesitate to call them again and would highly recommend them.

Kim Carlson
Kansas City, MO.
Very Good Service!
Prompt and Professional.
Would recommend to my friends and will not hesitate to call again.

Ralph Seichepine
Lenexa, KS


Mr. Butler and I have been business associates since 1998 when I got my first computer for my business. I have found him to always be professional and willing to share knowledge that he has obtained over the years in computer programming and operations.

My business has relied on him many a time to straighten out a problem with my equipment. I have also referred other persons to him for their computer problems. They all have been very satisfied with his service.

Yours sincerely,

Sharman Lang - President
Langston Support Services
Kansas City, MO


BHO Technologists provides the following services:

  • Kansas City PC upgrades - whether you need a new hard drive, want to add more memory, or  install a new motherboard 

  • Kansas City computer repair - I troubleshoot software and hardware problems

  • Kansas City DSL installation

  • Kansas City computer networking - wireless and wired

  • Kansas City computer software development - We develop programs using Visual Basic.


BHO Technologists is a four year old company. BHO Technologists is able to provide the low cost alternative to computer superstores because it is a home-based business with low overhead.

I provide metro Kansas City computer repair & service in the following areas:

  • Olathe, KS

  • Overland Park, KS

  • Lenexa, KS

  • Leawood, KS

  • Shawnee, KS

  • Stanley, KS

  • Stillwell, KS

  • Gardner, KS

  • Kansas City, MO

  • Kansas City, KS

I am focused on the home-home office client-based because I know you want computer repair & service outside of normal business hours. When you want flexible Kansas City computer repair & service that comes to you during your preferred evening hours. Send me an email at or...

Call 913-233-9590*

Anytime (24/7)

*Leave a message.

(I am probably "arms and elbows"

into a computer repair)




Olan Butler

Olan Butler


P.S. BHO Technologists’ service benefits you with:

  • Rates 41.66% to 49.98% lower than the chain computer stores
  • Home computer repair and service
  • FREE second hour of service.
  • FREE INSTALLATION when you buy your hard drive from me.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed. I rigidly uphold the BHO Technologists Quality Assurance Program. Until you have verified and signified that the problem you reported which is documented in the report of findings is FIXED, I nor one of my technicians will leave your home. YOUR ASSURANCE IS OUR TOP PRIORITY.

Standard Rates: $90 per onsite hour.